Saturday, August 17, 2024 AFFILIATED EVENT:

Glowing Hot Topics in Cryptography (GHTC) 2024: Has academic Cryptography over-promised and under delivered?

About us

In Glowing Hot Topics in Cryptography (GHTC) series of workshops consists of a one-day round table event discussing some of the hottest topics in cryptography. The round tables will feature world renown panelist from both industry and academy. GHTC aims to provide a forum for exchanging ideas, research, and insights on hot topics in cryptography. This event is focused on a single cryptographic hot topic, for people to gather and exchange ideas about it. This event also aims to focus on being an opportunity for people to mingle, exchange ideas in closer groups, and establish and strengthen working relationships.

The third edition of GHTC, a workshop series dedicated to exploring cutting-edge cryptographic topics, will delve into the provocative theme: "Has Academic Cryptography Over-Promised and Under-Delivered?" This year, we aim to scrutinize cryptographic applications that were once met with great enthusiasm but whose real-world impact remains under development. Specifically, we will investigate the long-term viability of these cryptographic applications: Can they withstand the test of time?

Program Organizers


Allison Bishop

Proof Reading USA

Michael Scott

Technology Innovation Institute UAE

Victor Sucasas

Technology Innovation Institute UAE

Francisco Rodriquez-Henriquez

Technology Innovation Institute UAE

Date And Place


University of California,
Santa Barbara



August 17, 2024

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The event will be hybrid so that attendees, panelists, and moderators can attend GHTC 2024 in person or remotely.


The workshop is an affiliated event of WWW.CRYPTO2024.COM.

To register to the workshop, please register to CRYPTO 2024, and mark in the registration form the GHTC workshop.

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Time Activity Place
9:00AM - 9:15AM Introductory Remarks Corwin West
9:15AM-10:15AM RoundTable 1: What’s going on with Crypto-currencies, Blockchain, NFTs, and Web 3. Corwin West
10:15AM-10:45AM Coffee Break Lagoon Plaza
10:50AM-12:05PM RoundTable 2: How to get ready for a post-quantum world Corwin West
12:10PM-2:00PM Lunch Break De La Guerra Commons
2:10PM-3:10PM RoundTable 3: The Future of Privacy: Are FHE, MPC, and Functional Encryption the Solution? Corwin West
3:15PM-3:50PM Coffee break Lagoon Plaza
3:50PM-5:00PM RoundTable 4: How to improve our peer review and revision system Corwin West